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Female standard poodle

     We are the Wyrick's, Danny, Lisa, our children Lauren and Ben, and our 6 furry family members. 
     Our love for Bernedoodles began when Danny and I both had a Bernedoodle visit our classrooms and "read" with our students. After observing how quickly our students connected with this calm and affectionate big guy, we knew a Bernedoodle would be a perfect service dog for our daughter. 
     In June 2019, Bo, an F1 Bernedoodle, joined our family, and our journey began. We slowly began building our program to include standard poodles Cleo, Rio, and Luna, and Bernese Mountain Dogs Scotty and Shelby. Our dogs are beloved family members, receiving love, care, and training from an early age. 

     Our puppies are socialized to humans and other pets daily. Raised on our 6.5 forested acres, they are exposed to a variety of smells, sounds, and adventures. Our puppies are goofy, affectionate, eager to please, and quickly learn how to be well-behaved companions for their new families.
     We strive to match our puppies with the perfect families and we ensure our puppies find the ideal home. Even after our puppies find their forever homes, we encourage our families to stay in touch so that we may provide advice and support as needed. 
     We hope that you decide to welcome one of our puppies into your family and join us in discovering the love, joy, and laughter that a Bernedoodle brings to your lives.


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